Camp David Presents: Jungles in Paris

Camp David partnered with Jungles in Paris to host a special screening on The State of the Earth: Documenting the Natural World for the next Generation. In our own quest for connection, we asked Jungles in Paris co-founder Darrell Hartman to put together a special guide for a more natural way of living in New York.

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The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder, by Richard Louv

Upstream: Selected Essays, by Mary Oliver

The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability, by Paul Hawken

Photographer – Lane Coder


Billion Oyster Project: A non-profit aiming to restore 100 acres of oyster reefs to New York Harbor by 2035, reinstating it as the oyster capital of the world. They are throwing a party on April 27th.

NYC Audubon: Central Park has world-class birdwatching. And more than half the bird species of the northeastern USA have been spotted at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens. Among the spring highlights there are the migrating shorebirds and courtship displays of the American Woodcock.

Square Roots, Gotham Greens: Sustainable farming is happening a quick subway/bike ride away. In Brooklyn, pesticide-free greens are being grown year-round in used shipping containers.

METTA: Brooklyn’s first carbon-neutral restaurant opened last year in Fort Greene. One of the people behind it is our friend Henry Rich, who’s been using renewable energy at sister restaurants Rucola, Fitzcarraldo, and June for awhile.

Photographer – Pedram Yazdani


Wild swimming: In the UK, there’s a mini-movement of people who explore and find peace by immersing themselves in the waters of rivers, lakes, and streams. See:  Outdoor Swimming Society.

Shinrin-yoku: The Japanese ministry of health has recognized “forest bathing,” a mindful approach to experiencing natural surroundings, as a form of therapy since the early 80s. Certified guides lead sessions in NYC. See: Association of Nature & Forest Therapy.

Fly fishing: Those who do it will tell you that catch-and-release angling is one of the most entrancing ways to experience the outdoors. Experience it in the Catskills, the original North American home of the sport. See: Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club.

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Jungles in Paris tells stories about nature and culture. They use a range of media to explore planet Earth in all its multi-colored diversity, with a special focus on roots and place. Spotlighting craft, culture, geography and wildlife, Jungles in Paris aims to celebrate subjects—human and non-human alike—that are often at risk of extinction in a globalized, growth-driven 21st century.



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