Member Spotlight: Hannah Jewett

Camp David’s Member Spotlight aims to highlight our community and the work being done in our space. We caught up with our second subject in this series, Hannah Jewett, about the magic of jewelry, how her grandma went viral and her favorite psychological tools.

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How does living in NYC influence your style? 

I spent most of my young adulthood growing up in a very small, rural town near Santa Barbara, California.  My idea of “style” was molded by Vogue and other adjacent publications, but wasn’t something I encountered often in my day to day life. Now that I live in New York, I’ve become accustomed to seeing beautiful people and clothes out in the wild every day, but “style” has taken on a new meaning. Style to me is resisting traditional symbols of wealth and status and embracing one’s own self-awareness. My work is comprised mainly of pure geometry, and is for the most part stripped of adornment. I find formalist shapes more relatable; and at the end of the day, wearing a huge diamond doesn’t make you more precious.

Has Jewelry always been your favorite accessory?

Jewelry has a certain magic that can empower the wearer and channel something from inside. I’ve always been drawn to the inclusivity aspect of jewelry. Unlike clothing it can be worn by anyone, it’s very one-size-fits-all, and holds a spiritual connection when it’s being worn.

Hannah’s Grandma modeled her new collection the last time she visited home.

What’s on the horizon for 2019? 

I’m releasing a new collection this month, which I’m very excited to reveal. I have a couple collaborations on the horizon that will break outside of the jewelry world and blur into the product design / sculpture realm as well.

Describe your collection with three words––  

My little world

Where can we find your designs IRL? 

I’ve had a lot of support from some really special stores since I’ve launched, including Opening Ceremony, Assembly New York, and Brooklyn Museum Store. Recently, I’ve been shifting my sales focus to pop-ups and studio visits, interacting with costumers directly.

What’s your most popular product?

Recently it’s been the “Gallium Ring”, which is a sterling silver ring designed to create the illusion of liquid metal sitting in puddles on the hand. Much of the new collection is an extension of this concept and features fluid shapes and forms.

The Gallium ring, a liquid metal illusion ring. Sterling Silver, open form for flexible sizing.

What tools are crucial to your routine? 

There are the physical tools and then there are the psychological tools. I couldn’t work without a ruler or pair of pliers, but more importantly I couldn’t work without patience and the ability to adapt. Things often don’t work out the first or second or third time and having the tools to keep moving are the most crucial.

Whats your favorite part about having an office at Camp David?

The space and the people have always been very kind to me. My office really is a place of zen, which is so incredibly rare, especially in New York. I feel insanely lucky to have a calm space to come work and escape the chaos.

Hannah’s office is filled with special moments.

Who are your greatest influences?

My grandma has the best jewelry collection of anyone I know, she recently modeled for me and totally outshined my pieces. My work is also forever indebted to the designers who were part of major iconic movements, such as the Memphis Group, Bauhaus School, Constructivists, and Art Deco.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Keep the faith.

Three Favorite Reads?

Jewelry by ArchitectsDesign as Art, and any of the International Design Yearbooks.

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