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Part and Sum

At Camp David, we love supporting our members as they grow. We caught up with Part and Sum’s Managing Director, Julie Babb about her NY upbringing, tripling the company over the past two years and talking with strangers.

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Where are you from originally? What brought you/to/kept you in NYC?

I grew up here, in New York. My dad owned a women’s garment factory right here in Industry City during the 60s. Jim, my husband and our Head of Strategy, grew up in Fort Collins Colorado and came here for grad school.

Tell us about your company and its main exploits.

Part and Sum is a digitally native strategy firm. We specialize in finding new revenue streams for established brands and growing revenue for newer brands. We are industry agnostic and work across a lot of categories, but we have specific expertise in the DTC retail space and work with a lot of retail clients. 

Managing Director Julie and Director of Strategy Jim in their office.

What are some interesting projects you've worked on in the past?

We grew the commerce P&L for a popular luxury candy company, which was really exciting. We’ve also done innovation work with some really great brands such as: Maybelline, Scotts MiracleGro, Coca Cola, Hello Sunshine and Buzzfeed.

The innovation sprint we are doing now is for a global product manufacturer.

Who are your biggest influences in terms of day-to-day lifestyle and approaching your career?

My dad. He had so many amazing jobs – factory owner, taxi driver, a police officer and, award-wining psychotherapist. He taught me a lot. Jim and I also lean a lot on each other as life partners and business partners.

→  One of my favorite saying’s of his is, “ Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.” Essentially, don’t get greedy!

The unofficial mascot of Part and Sum, Jim and Julie’s dog, Danger.

How has Camp David helped support your business over the past two years?

Camp David takes a lot off of our plate in terms of running and growing our company. 

We’ve nearly tripled in size over the last year, and we are trying to grow the firm in a way that’s ambitions, but also responsible.  So having a team that manages our office space, supports our operations and provides perks and activities for employees is really valuable. 

Every day my team can come in and have a great environment to work in, that’s beautifully designed and something we can be proud of. The details that go into the decor and the experience at Camp David really speak to the aspirations of our business goals. 

Also, the Makerspace has been invaluable for us. It’s a perfect place to run our sprints! 

What is your favorite thing about Brooklyn?

It’s never boring. I love that in Brooklyn you can just sit on your stoop and talk to strangers. You can’t do that in the suburbs.

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