Member Spotlight: Wright Bedding

In 2013, Wright Bedding Founder and Camp David member Dan Hauber saw an opportunity to change the way consumers acquire their sleeping device — via D2C sales, and US sourcing. Wright is launching a new mattress at the end of the month; we sat down with Dan to understand what goes into “Waking up Wright”.

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Where in the USA are your materials sourced?

All materials, from farm to factory, to your bedroom, are sourced and manufactured in the US. The cotton for our sheets is all farmed in California. We get our springs and mattress fabrics from suppliers in Mississippi and North Carolina. The mattresses are assembled in Chicago and Atlanta. Even our cashmere blanket, is sourced from the only cashmere farmer in the states.

The San Joaquin Valley, where much time and effort is put into the growing and harvesting of the finest Supima Cotton in the world.

What is unique about a Wright Mattress?

Almost all the focus in the mattress industry is on making products cheaper and cheaper. Even for the new online brands, they’ve improved the shopping process and the customer experience, but there’s still no focus on quality. For years, all that was offered was either the cheapest available or a couple niche brands with astronomical prices.

"I thought that sleep is something sacred that people should feel comfortable investing in, and I wanted to find a better balance, with a focus on building the best possible mattress, made from quality materials here in the USA." 

From my years working at McKinsey, I consulted for a number of major mattress companies, and learned the business from growth, to manufacture, to sale.  I knew there’s nothing Tempur-Pedic uses that we don’t have access to.

What are the features of "The W2.15"?

No one has tried to actually improve the way mattresses are made since the early 1990s. The W2.15 uses an adapted version of our Weightless Foam System from our flagship W1.27 Mattress, and pairs that with a pocket coil base. It’s got the same pressure-relief and support of our classic mattress, but in a more responsive and active feel.

Dan saw a sidestep to traditional distributors (whom no one likes to deal with anyway) and offers a much better mattress at a more reasonable price than the luxury brands.

Where can we find Wright in the wild?

We’re in the process of opening our new showroom in Tribeca at the end of this year. Our previous showroom in Soho was great for customers, but as we have evolved to focus on projects with hotels, resorts, decorators, and designers, we needed something to better fit those partnerships.

Book a staycation at Urban Cowboy in Williamsburg or Mckinley Bungalow in Montauk. Venture to The Deacon in Philadelphia or The Whitney Hotel in Boston.

Do you prefer Cotton or Linen sheets?

It depends! Cotton is the classic, and my favorite is probably a crisp set of cotton sheets. We make ours in a plain weave percale, from crazy soft Supima cotton. They feel like the cotton sheets you used to find in a luxury hotel – crisp and soft and perfect. I’m also a sucker for linen though, especially in the Summer.  Even if it’s 100 degrees out and your AC is broken you can be comfortable sleeping in linen sheets.

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Each day begins and ends in bed.

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